Based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, JIVENTO is a DRC based and established company which has aligned itself with AFRICOM COMMODITIES and currently holds transportation and other movable assets.


As a brand which aims to be synonymous with civil engineering and development across the continent, JIVENTO will ideally be at the core of all projects and in a position to be a key supplier as well as manage massive undertakings which in turn will help alleviate the responsibilities normally assigned to a government of a particular country.





  • Inter-continental Logistics
  • Introduction and establishment of cellular networks
  • Infrastructure including the building of bridges, roads and railways
  • Electrical and green energy supplies to countries and or areas
  • Harbour management



JIVENTO is set to become the no.1 choice and leader in project management primarily in the Democratic Republic of Congo, before delving into the rest of Africa as the requirements may dictate in the near future.

1505 CROWN TOWER, 15th Floor, Crossroad of Batetela Avenue and 30 Juin Boulevard, Gombe Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.


Tel: +243 854633574  |  Fax: +27 86 541 7948  |  Email:

JIVENTO is part of the

AFRICOM COMMODITIES (Pty) Ltd Group of companies.

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